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Russell Way


Thank You Simon for the exceptional service that you provided to Heather and I and my two sons in the selling of our family home.


From the first day Peter Kennett introduced me to yourself and Hocking Stuart, I have been treated with the utmost professionalism and duty of care.  


You followed through on all the things you said you would, and provided regular and detailed updates all the way through the process.   You were responsive to our needs, including changing the date of the auction twice. This flexibility enabled us the time to prepare the house to be ready for sale to an appropriate standard. You were at all times realistic and did not suggest an unrealistic sale price at any time. This enabled us to prepare the property and ourselves for the auction and how we should set our reserve.   Your flexibility and responsiveness lead to us feeling in control of the process, while at the same time making decisions with the right professional advice.


Every sale detail from the initial inspection of the family home, the processes of advertising, the marketing, the presentation of the property, the pointing out of little things that matter and are easily forgotten, the legwork and detail of inspections, the follow-up with prospective buyers and finally the auction on the day were handled as if you were selling your own home and not mine.


The Auction Day itself requires special mention.  Your local knowledge proved invaluable when you confidently introduced the location and attributes of our family home to the many in attendance.   Your addition of the small personable notations that I provided, added that little extra something special which was not lost on the crowd.


My brother who attended on the day and who had never met you was very impressed and made comment to Heather and I that we had made a very good decision in selecting Hocking Stuart and more importantly yourself.     

What a pleasure and delight to have had these dealings with you and the support staff of Hocking Stuart.



Russell Way, Heather, Nathan and Jarrad


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