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Melissa Lancaster

When I engaged Simon's services again it was all about the total professional package that he is. I knew buyers would be called back, understood and made feel important and I knew as the seller he would would ensure every opportunity was maximized to ensure a great outcome. This is exactly what Simon went out and did. I felt throughout the journey from start to end that I had selected the very best agent and was given the very best advice and support throughout the journey. Any agent can sell a home in a sellers market however few work as hard as Simon and as strategically to ensure no stone is left unturned/every opportunity is identified. When the market spoke to us on auction day I knew that whatever was going to happen would include every available opportunity there was at the time. It was a fabulous result and I will always be grateful that Simon stayed in touch since our first sale with him 8 years ago (he was fantastic then too). I will never hesitate in listing with Simon any future property as I know that is how to achieve best outcome the market has at the time.

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