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Thank you

Thank you for inviting us to discuss your plans in relation to your property.


Our business rests on the precepts of open communication and trust. We understand that buying and selling property is not something that many people undertake frequently so we aim to make the process as straightforward as possible. Trust between you as our client and us as your agent paves the way for excellent results to emerge and we would like to make this our commitment to you.

During our time together we can discuss anything you feel is relevant to your situation. This may be as simple as an update on the current market value or as in-depth as providing guidance on how to utilise pre-sale presentation to maximise your selling price.  


Simon's background in selling property spans over 20 years and during his career in property, he has helped hundreds of people achieve their property goals whilst consistently providing outstanding results. Each client's success has been achieved upon the ethics of transparency, honesty and integrity and always with a commitment to providing an exceptional level of service.

We look forward to our meeting, finding out about your expectations and to helping you achieve your property goals.

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“Importantly the only pressure in the whole process was that which Simon placed on himself to achieve the best outcome for us, his Vendors. Real estate is in Simon's blood, he is second generation, he loves it, is super engaged and it shows.”

John Dowe - Qantas Captain


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