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"The art of service, negotiation and producing great results for my clients is what I stand for and a mastery of these skills is what I have spent the past 20 years on."


'I'm confident I can deliver the best result every time."


Simon, together with wife Miranda bring a team ethic to customer service ensuring that their clients are provided with outstanding service and that their property is in the best of care.


They believe that transparency within the selling process allows clients to feel in control of their property sale. As a team they are industry leaders in client communication, providing regular comprehensive campaign updates that allow clients to feel confidently informed.


Simon is organised and thorough in his approach leaving no room for compromise. Miranda is diligent and versatile in her role and is excellent with customers always striving to provide the very best service.

Sale by Negotiation 

Having noticed a natural talent for negotiation in his youth Simon spent many years studying the enigmatic art of negotiation and has since put in to action the skills and expertise needed to make the most of each transaction. Known for his ability to get results, Simon is totally focused on achieving the best possible result for each and every client.


Having negotiated the sale of literally hundreds of real estate transactions, Simon has a passion for real estate and a determination to ensure that the very best result is obtained every time. You can read more on this subject here.


Launching your property through the vast marketing reach of the hockingstuart | Belle Property network of over 50 offices, no stone is left unturned in locating the perfect buyer.


The right ads in front of the right buyer swiftly bring buyers to your door. 




Considered one of the best Auctioneers in the Bayside area, Simon delivers a powerful performance on auction day.


Professional and charismatic, Simon will persistently continue to draw bids from buyers until the full value of your property is extracted.




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