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50 Tips for Preparing to Sell

Tips 41 - 50 
This is the fifth in a series of tips on how to effectively plan your sale

41. Remove pets items - You might love your old moggy but his fishy feast will small awful to prospective buyers. Place litter trays, food bowls outside during your buyer inspections. Remove all traces of animal hair from furniture, we don't want buyers allergies being set off just as they are warming to your home.

42. Scrub the corners of walls and cabinets - These areas collect grime from passing people, kids and pets and a wipe with some cleaning solution will bring back their painted sparkle.

43. Clean off the cobwebs - Enlist the help of your tallest friend to remove these dust traps hidden in ceiling corners of rooms.

44. Clean window coverings - Blinds, curtains and shutters all need dusting, wiping or laundering as they trap dirt and odours.

45. Don't replace the blinds - Often replacement is unnecessary as the blinds will be open for buyer inspections so perfection may not be needed.  Ask you trusted agent for their advice.

46. Study magazine ads and furniture showrooms to see how small details can enhance the appearance of a room. Simple additions, such as a vase of flowers, an open book on the coffee table, or a basket of logs by the fireplace, can make a room more attractive and appealing. Be careful not to create distracting clutter though.

47.  Add some accents to add fun and invoke positive feelings in your buyers. The use of a brightly coloured cushion on a chair or a throw rug on a sofa can add dimension to an otherwise neutral room. 

48. Create or enhance storage space. Virtually all buyers are looking for a home with plenty of storage space. Make storage areas appear generous and well planned. Remove and store all out-of season clothing. Remove any items from the floor area - this will make a wardrobe seem more spacious.

49. Arrange furniture to give the rooms a spacious feeling. Consider removing some furniture from smaller rooms, or any room that may seem overcrowded. If necessary, put large items in storage.

50. Consider the neighbours - Buyers want to have good neighbours so if your neighbours haven't pulled out their weeds, or let their nature strip become unruly, ask them if you can do it for them, after all you have a vested interest in getting the best result you can. The same goes for common areas like driveways and gardens. Buyers are making judgements at every moment during their visit and the more we make their visit a positive one, the more likely we are to sell for the best possible price.

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