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50 Tips for Preparing to Sell

Tips 31 - 40 
This is the fourth in a series of tips on how to effectively plan your sale

31. Focus first on the key areas - There are a few key areas in your home that are the most important to your prospective purchaser. Spend your time first in the areas likely to have the most impact and do other things later if you have time. The key areas for most homes are; the front exterior, the first impression as they enter and the main living / entertaining zone and outdoor areas.

32. The front exterior - The first impression will have a lasting effect on the buyer. Buyers are looking for a feeling they expect to notice when they arrive at the home. They make comments like; "we'll know it when we see it." "It's got to feel right." Don't leave it to chance, help create that feeling!

33. Carpet - Freshen up carpeted areas with a steam clean by a professional cleaner. If marks and stains are not removed, seriously consider installing new carpet. New carpet smells new and gives that new home feeling.

34. Paint the architraves - Repainting the entire home is often not necessary. Instead sugar soap the walls and skirting boards and paint only the architraves. This will put the smell of new paint in the air and give the feeling of freshness.

35. Air out the home - Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the home they purchase so before showing buyers through, open windows to let the fresh air in. Particularly in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry where odours are found. 

36. Introduce subtle scents - An essential oil vaporiser or scented candle can often be an emotive element that appeals to the senses. This technique is commonly used in retail to invoke a desire to purchase. Just don't overdo it with overpowering scents which may be off-putting.

37. Buy a new doormat - First impressions are lasting and this is a cheap and easy way to freshen up your entry. 

38. Secure loose door handles - Buyers are looking for a reason to knock the price down and little things like this add up to concerns around bigger maintenance expenses.

39. Add some indoor potted plants - Indoor plants are on trend at the moment and add life and colour to your living spaces. Ask your local nursery what will suit your space and skill level.

40. Consider adding some background music to avoid unhomely silence. Instrumental music is generally the best but consider your target audience and their tastes. Definitely switch the television off!

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