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50 Tips for Preparing to Sell

Tips 21 - 30 
This is the third in a series of tips on how to effectively plan your sale

21. Consider the plants in your outdoor area - The natural features of your property will have the power to appeal or detract. Prune unruly tree branches to neatly shape trees and clear pathways to create space. Pull out the weeds. Create garden beds and fill them will mulch or wood chips.

22. Visit the nursery - Fresh plants may be strategically planted and allowed to establish or mature while you are planning the sale. Choose species that will flourish in your environment. Ask the nursery staff for advice on what will work in your property and be practical to maintain. 

23. Choose colourful plants - A splash of colour in the garden will warm the cockles of your buyers heart and make them want what you are offering. There are many species that will provide colour at different times of the year to suit the timing of your sale

24. Plant a veggie garden - Even a small veggie patch has the power to paint an idyllic picture in the mind of the property buyer. Consider fast growing edibles such as greens, lettuce, peas and tomatoes.

25. Pressure wash the exterior - Some home cleaners or specialists will carry pressure washers to clean the built up grime that accumulates on bricks, render and weatherboards. You will be surprised at how bright the colours are underneath the layer of dirt. This method can also be applied to roofs, tiles, fascias and gutters. 

26. Clean out your gutters and spouting - There's nothing appealing about lawns and weeds growing in gutters and leaking spouting. A handyman can repair rusted gutters which can then be repainted to give them a new lease of life.

27. Fill cracked mortar joints - Bricks whose mortar has become dislodged or disintegrated can looks like a big problem for buyers but is a cheap and easy fix. A handyman can quickly and easily fill mortar joints and secure loose masonry to give a sturdy finish.

28. Paint the front fence - Giving the exterior surface a fresh coat of paint will give a good first impression and brighten up the front of the home.

29. Replace torn flyscreens - Flyscreens are cheap and easy to replace. New screening is also more transparent than worn out mesh bringing more light into the home.

30. Paint the front door - Consider a bright colour to add an element of joy and fun into your entry space. Take some photos of your entry in to your local paint shop and discuss modern colour choices with a paint expert.

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